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LOT: 110

Or Torah of the Maggid of Mastrich—first edition, Koritz, 1804. Rare!

SeferOhr Torah, Kabbalistic and Chasidut articles on ParshiotHaTorah, ShirHaShirim, Tehilim and Chazal's writings by the greatest of the students of the Baal Shem Tov Rabbi Dov Ber HaMagid of Mastrich - Koriwtz 1804. StefanskyChassidut, No. 33. This work hasn’t been seen in auctions for a long time in this condition, includes the cover page. The theology of the Maggid of Mastrichwas printed for the first time in Koritz, 1781, in the book Meggid Le-Ya'akovLekuteiAmarim, by his disciple Rabbi ShlomoMalutzk. But things were not arranged and arranged according to any order. In this book, the writings were organized according to the order of the Torah portions, the Song of Songs, the Psalms and the legends of the Sages, which was printed in accordance with a manuscript that was in the home of Rabbi YeshayaMedinovitch, Av Beit Din of Yanov, a disciple of the Maggid of Mezritch and Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz. The articles are the same as those in Megiddo De'o'eYa'akov, with the exception of a few text changes between the books. Partially missing copy, 147 pages out of 157 pages in the original, the last 10 pages are missing. 15.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains. Few moth holes. Tears and wear, on some pages with text damage, several last pages are stuck with each other. Ownership signature in title page and several places in book: "Meshulam Yosef [Ladan?]". Old binding slightly damaged.
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