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LOT: 167

Page with chiddushei Torah written by the holy hand of the HaHafla’ah, Rabbi PinchasHaLevi Horwitz.

Handwritten page on both sides, chiddusheitorah on the Shas, on one side there is a chiddush on GemaraMasechet Baba Kama, Daf 41(/71), and on the other side is a chiddush on MasechetGittin, handwritten by Rabbi PinchasHaLevi Horwitz, the HaHafla’ah. Holes, stains, and signs of folding, generally good condition. Rabbi PinchasHaLevi Horwitz (1731-1805) was the son of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Horwitz, a descendent of a famous family of rabbis, brother of Rabbi Shmuel Shmelka of Nicklasburg. Rabbi of Franfkurt-am-Mein for more than 30 years, a great student of the Maggid of Mastrich and rabbi of the ChatamSofer. Authored the HaHafla’ah, on the Shas and the Shulchan Aruch, as well as HaMikneh on MasechetKedushin and “Ketubah” on MasechetKetubot.
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