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LOT: 005

Pesach Haggadah Midrash b’Chiddush—first edition, Venice 1641 with glosses and corrections handwritten by the author(?), partially missing copy.

Midrash B’Chidush, a commentary on the Haggadah by the sage Rabbi Eliezer Nachman Puah (a rabbi in Modena and Reggio, student of the Rama of Pano)—first edition. Partially missing: no cover page, the copy includes pages: 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 onwards until the end (page 36). Many glosses and corrections that seem to be handwritten by the author—they match comparisons made to other manuscripts known to have been written by the author, and their content includes erasures and filling in that suit the style of an author correcting and making notes to his own work, such as adding two additional names to the list of “Aluvim” (Rabbi Eliezer Nachman Puah established a Chevra Kadisha in Reggio called “ChevratHaAluvim”), erasing and correcting the language in a prayer written at the end of the commentary and called “apologizing for the sinners of Israel”, and more. From an examination that we carried out on an edition subsequently published in Livorno, the corrections made to this edition were not implemented (even in places where there were printing errors and linguistic mistakes) but rather reprinted, so it seems that the author wished to manage to publish another edition during his lifetime with these corrections but was unable to. Unfortunately this copy is also partially missing and we won’t be able to determine how much the author corrected himself.
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