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LOT: 103

Handsome channukiyah, stamped silver. Handmade, filigree work.

Handsome wall channukiyah, silver made with very precise filigree work, made for a special order by one of Israel’s greatest collectors by the artist Shmuel Moshe (see previous item). On the wall piece are ornaments of menorot, the Tablets, and inscriptions: “Har Sinai”, “HaNerot Halalu…”. Made of three sides with the vessels protected and insertable into the niche; the plate bearing the vessels can be taken apart for optimal cleaning, so too is the shamash attached to the top and can be taken apart. Stands on four matching legs, stable angles. On the bottom is a stamp: “Bezalel Jerusalem 935.” Size: 6x23cm. Height: around 23cm. Weight: 640g. Attached is a loop for hanging. Wonderful item in excellent condition. The artist: Shmuel Moshe was a craftsman and jeweler of handmade, pure silver products. The products were works of art made in a unique filigree style. The style mainly characterizes the artwork of the goldsmiths who immigrated from Arab countries and especially from Yemen, Persia, Kurdistan and Morocco. The unique style and design of these products, had a connection and integration with the profession of goldsmithing that was studied and also practiced in the well-known "Bezalel" school. Some of the goldsmiths who immigrated to Israel were employed by Bezalel and thus made a mutual contribution and interaction in the development of the unique profession of goldsmithing. These goldsmiths worked with full vigor and investment until their extreme old age. Shmuel died in Jerusalem around the age of 90.
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