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LOT: 003

Arba’aTurim, ChoshenMishpat, first edition with the Beit Yosef—Savionetta, 1553. With dozens of important handwritten notes.

By Rabbeinu Yaakov ben HaRosh, the Ba’alHaTurim. With the Beit Yosef by Rabbi Yosef Karo (the Shulchan Aruch), printed during his lifetime in Savionetta. 332 pages. Cover page is torn and much is missing. Page 2 is missing. 2 pages after it are defective and disconnected. Lots of moth damage, stains. Generally ok condition. No binding. Throughout the book are glosses from the 17-18th centuries, some long, testifying to the great Torah knowledge of the person responsible. Not checked thoroughly, the identify of the writer is unknown.
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