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LOT: 150

Volume with 10 works of mussar, philosophy, and theology, Polish publishers. 19th century texts, including a copy attributed to the Schlesinger rabbinical family.

1. Sefer HaYashar by Rabbeinu Tam, Warsaw 1875. 24 leaves. 2. Sefer HaEmunah v’HaBitachon by the Ramban, Warsaw 1857. 36 leaves. 3. Sha’al HaGmul by the Ramban, Warsaw 1876. 25 leaves. 4. Sha’arei Tshuva by Rabbeinu Yona Girondi, Warsaw 1879. 34 leaves. Handwritten corrections. 5. Sefer Rosh Emunah “with roots and principles of belief”, by Rabbi Don Yitzhak Abarbanel, 1884. 27 leaves. 6. Sefer Haredim by Rabbi Eliezer Azkari of Tzfat. Lublin 1889. 51 leaves. 7. Sefer Matok MiDvash by Rabbi Yitzhak Perachi of Jerusalem, Warsaw 1879. 21 leaves. Handwritten bibliographic notes. 8. Ruach Hen by Rabbi Yehuda ibn Tivon, with a commentary by Rabbi Yisrael HaLevi of Zamosht (the Tuv HaLevanon), Jozefof 1889. [it is odd that the Hebrew date of printing features the year before the Gregorian date]. 24 leaves. 9. Tzarei HaYagon “a segula book to quite one’s soul from depression”, by Rabbi Shem Tov ben Yosef Palkira. Warsaw 1877. 15, [1] leaves. 10. Derech Tevunot of the Ramchal, Warsaw 1833. 18 leaves. A number of pages were bound out-of-place. Lone tears, stains, wear, repairs to the edges of a few title pages, lone pages detached, no binding, overall good condition. The back of the title page has written in block letters: “belongs to the Admor … Margali’ Yafe, Avdak Rag”d.” The blank first page and title page has stamps: “Shmuel ben Margaliyot Yafeh Schlesinger Avdak Oroniash Morot”, “Mordechai Margaliyot Yafeh Schlesinger Avdak Eisenstadt.” This rabbinical family are the grandchildren of Rabbi Mordechai Yafeh, the HaLevushim.
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