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LOT: 164

Large, comprehensive manuscript, more than 250 pages in Ashkenazi handwriting, with chiddushim on the Shas and poskim that were never printed, from the early 19th century. Rare, important, interesting!

Thick tome of more than 250 pages, written by hand in a cramped style, with chiddushim, drashot, notes on the Shulchan Aruch and related texts, the Shas, commentaries, and more. It is clear from the lines that the writer is a great talmid hakham who knows theTalmud welland is the son of a Torah scholar and a scribe of rabbinic literature. He brings his father's sermons, "Chidushei Torah by Avi Mori and Rabbi HaGaon Shai in the Sages." ". We have looked everywhere and not found that these words of Torah were printed anywhere, nor did he leave any clues between the verses of his holy writings, and it is clear that he spared no effort and filled the pages of the book from one extreme to the other with words of Torah, and he did not have the time to be secular, such as leaving his name or place of residence. We only know that this innovative book came through the city of Krakow–an important city whose many Jewish inhabitants enriched the Jewish world. One of the first pages has a question and response, probably a copy of a letter sent to Rabbi Ya'akov Waller, Av Beit Din of Bitsha and Agapi [Rabbi Ya'akovWaller, a grandson and great-grandson of Rabbi Heshil of Krakow, Rabbi of Bitsha (Transchin District of Slovakia) author of the book "Beit Ya'akov" on Tractate Eiruvin.] The innovations in the book begin in the early 1840s, and we have seen in 1844 and beyond until after the 1870s. Original worn cover, leather spine. Various stains. Very good general condition.
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