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LOT: 018

Bechinat Olam, bound together with the book Sha’ar HaShamayim—Zolkva 1805.

With a bakasha from Rabbeinu Yedaya HaPnini, with translation to Yiddish—Levush 1805. 75 [originally 76] pages. Partially missing copy, missing pages 10, 11, 76. Bound together with Sha’ar HaShamayim, on the soul and the resurrection by Rabbi Gershon bar Shlomo, father of the Ralbag—Zolkva 1805. [1], 95 [originally 96] pages. The last page is missing. Various signatures of ownership, among them: Rabbi Shmuel Simcha Shov of Rakov [perhaps the father-in-law of the Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kosov, the Ahavat Shalom—father of the Vizhnitz dynasty]. Tears and stains, no binding, pages disconnected. Generally bad to ok condition.
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