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A collection of 2 rare haggadot, a gift from the Rabeinu Jacob Josef yeshiva in New York at the beginning of the 20th century

A collection of 2 different copies of the pesach Haggadah with illustrations, labels and translation into English that were given as a gift from the Rabeinu Jacob Josef yeshiva (RJJ). 1. A pesach Haggadah with a soft cover from cardboard upon which is a print in blue and red, with the name of the yeshiva and a picture of Rabbi Yaacov Yoseph the chief rabbi on the back on the background of pictures of the yeshiva. 2. A peesach Haggadah with musical notes, with a hard red cover with gold embossing. On the last page is a portrait picture of the chief rabbi the yeshiva was named after. In both copies, in the inside cover before and after the Haggadah there is writing in Yiddish and English about the yeshiva stating that: The yeshiva has over 650 students. The yeshiva’s expenses already amount to almost $100,000 a year. It is interesting to note that there is a separate text that relates that over 50% of the students accepted to the Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchananan yeshiva in the previous semester were graduates of RJJ. Tears, primarily in the connection to the binding in both haggadot. Good general condition. The RJJ yeshiva was founded in 1903 and named after the chief rabbi Rabbi Yaakov Yoseph [Charif] (1841 – 1902), a student of the Volozhin yeshiva and one of the foremost disciples of Rabbi Yisrael Salanter. He served as the rabbi of several communities in Lithuania. He was the first and only chief rabbi of the city of New York and the founder of the Rabbinic Council of America. He was known as a talented speaker, and thousands of people flocked to hear his speeches. Author of the book L’Beit Yaakov. He fought courageously for the kashrut of meat in the U.S. and suffered much persecution due to such. In recent years the masses have begun to visit his grave in the Union Field cemetery near Lakewood after rumors began to spread about miracles personally witnessed by those who prayed there.
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