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Two books of Rabbi Yehuda Leib Adel, the Maggid of Slonim: Mei Nifto’ach and Mayim Tehorim—first edition, Bialystock 1816-7.

1. Mei Nifto’ach, exegesis on Rambam’s commentary on Seder Taharot—first edition 1816. 9, 64 pages. 2. Mayim Tehorim, commentary on the mishnayot of Seder Taharot—first edition, 1817. [2], 50, [2] pages. First and last pages disconnected, binding coming apart. Stains. Generally good condition. Signatures of ownership of Rabbi Baruch Rabinowitz, rabbi of the Gra community in Chicago, before which he was rabbi in Vitebsk. Additional stamp of his from when he was in Vitebsk. Rabbi Yehuda Leib HaLevi Adel (Adel was originally an abbreviation for the words “Ad LaMaor”, hinting at his lineage all the way to Rabbi Zerachiya HaLevi, the Maor) lived from 1757-1828, was the Maggid of Slonim, son of Rabbi Moshe Adel of Zamoshz. Studied with Rabbi Shlomo of Halem (the Markevat HaMishnah), who served as rabbi of the city. In his youth he studied years in Brody, where he began to work in darshanut.
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