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31.07.2019 - Auction # 24

Auction no. 25

Will take place on Monday 23 Elul 5768

23 Septembery. 2019

In the Achim Center of Rabbi Akiva st. 86, Bnei Brak

At 20:00 Israel time 

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LOT: 001

SeferMichlol—printed by Daniel Bombirgi Venice 1545.

Grammar of the Hebrew language from Rabbi David Kimchi—the Radak, with “nimukim” by Rabbi Eliyahu “HaBechor” Ashkenazi. 69 pages. Defective cover, taped, disconnected from the book. Handwritten note that was not checked, on the cover and first page. Some moth marks and stains. Generally ok to good condition. No binding.
Item sold at $400 Starting at $400
LOT: 002

KiryatSefer (HaMabit)—first edition Venice 1551, partially missing copy.

“intelligent, complete composition from Moreinuv’Rabbeinu the Mabit”—printed by Bragadin. No cover, includes 3 index pages and 7-147. Lots of moth damage, repaired with tape. Rebound with two new bindings. Bad to ok condition.
Starting at $200
LOT: 003

Arba’aTurim, ChoshenMishpat, first edition with the Beit Yosef—Savionetta, 1553. With dozens of important handwritten notes.

By Rabbeinu Yaakov ben HaRosh, the Ba’alHaTurim. With the Beit Yosef by Rabbi Yosef Karo (the Shulchan Aruch), printed during his lifetime in Savionetta. 332 pages. Cover page is torn and much is missing. Page 2 is missing. 2 pages after it are defective and disconnected. Lots of moth damage, stains. Generally ok condition. No binding. Throughout the book are glosses from the 17-18th centuries, some long, testifying to the great Torah knowledge of the person responsible. Not checked thoroughly, the identify of the writer is unknown.
Item sold at $2000 Starting at $1000
LOT: 004

Miniature volume of the Book of Vayikra (Leviticus) and Daniel-Ezra-Nehemiah. Venice 1633-5, with translation of words into Ladino. Rare!

Two sections from the Venice Tanach, with vowels and ta’amim, and translation of the words into Ladino in the margins, one of the first copies of the Tanach printed with Ladino (perhaps even the first). Miniature volume, 12cm, including Vayikra (pages 211-277) and (from the Prophets), Daniel-Ezra-Nehemiah (pages 209-258). Rare and important Tanach volume, the National Library has only parts of it, such that Vayikra that we have here is not held there. Moth damage, tears and tape, some with damage to text. Three last pages of Vayikra are torn and missing. Generally ok condition. Rebound with a simple binding.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 005

Pesach Haggadah Midrash b’Chiddush—first edition, Venice 1641 with glosses and corrections handwritten by the author(?), partially missing copy.

Midrash B’Chidush, a commentary on the Haggadah by the sage Rabbi Eliezer Nachman Puah (a rabbi in Modena and Reggio, student of the Rama of Pano)—first edition. Partially missing: no cover page, the copy includes pages: 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 onwards until the end (page 36). Many glosses and corrections that seem to be handwritten by the author—they match comparisons made to other manuscripts known to have been written by the author, and their content includes erasures and filling in that suit the style of an author correcting and making notes to his own work, such as adding two additional names to the list of “Aluvim” (Rabbi Eliezer Nachman Puah established a Chevra Kadisha in Reggio called “ChevratHaAluvim”), erasing and correcting the language in a prayer written at the end of the commentary and called “apologizing for the sinners of Israel”, and more. From an examination that we carried out on an edition subsequently published in Livorno, the corrections made to this edition were not implemented (even in places where there were printing errors and linguistic mistakes) but rather reprinted, so it seems that the author wished to manage to publish another edition during his lifetime with these corrections but was unable to. Unfortunately this copy is also partially missing and we won’t be able to determine how much the author corrected himself.
Item sold at $2800 Starting at $300
LOT: 006

. NachalatZvi—first edition, Venice 1661, complete copy, pretty.

Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer around which is the commentary NachalatZvi by Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Katz, first edition printed by Bragadin. First pages partially disconnected, little bit of moth holes. Stains and slight tears with a bit of tape, mainly at the edges. Generally very good condition. Old parchment binding.
Item sold at $260 Starting at $180
LOT: 007

Genesis and Exodus—Amsterdam 1682.

From the Five Books of Torah, with Targum Onkelos, Targum Yonatan and Yerushalmi, and Rashi’s commentary. Printed by Kristopel fun Gangil in Amsterdam, 1682. On page 165(2): “I Yaakov bar Moshe Refael di Cordova from Brazil.” No cover. 2-166 pages. First pages are torn with damage to text. Moth damage, tears and stains. Most in good condition. Original leather binding (old) with decorations, defective. Signatures and notes of ownership, including: Aharon David ben Yitzhak Maizel of Swisslatz. Regarding the year of printing of this book: the cover of the haftaroth states 1682, but the cover of the Torah (missing in this copy) writes from 1703. Schtinschneider (see #610) sees the latter as a mistake and analyses it as 1683.
Starting at $200
LOT: 008

ArbaCharashim, two sections, with two covers—only edition, Frankfurt-der-Oder 1680-1.

Exegesis on the First Prophets by Rabbi Issachar be’er bar Elchanan, rabbi of Kremzir (today in Czechia), who moved to Israel in 1701. In this composition he also explains difficult ideas in the Prophets (also noted in his work ShloshaSrigim on the haftaroth—part of his work commenting upon Nach). This book only has this edition, it has never been reprinted. Special cover for the second section, called Kinat Ephraim. 66, 76 pages, 29cm. Moth damage and tears, in a number of places with light damage to text. First cover is defective, with tape. Rebound. Signatures of ownership (not checked): Isaac Deutsch, Mordechai ben Meir…?Gavriel ben Wolf…? Of Leipnik?
Starting at $150
LOT: 009

Tashbetz—first edition, Amsterdam 1738-1741, with interesting signatures.

Four sections, authored by Rabbi Shimon bar Tzemach. [11], 91, 69, [1], 68, [1], [1], 101, [1] pages. 31cm. Fourth section has a separate cover from the other three sections. The copy before us is one of the ‘different copies’ of this book, with a first cover printed with illustrations of Moses and Aaron, David and Salomon, with some changes (see N. Ben-Menachem, in ‘The Secret of Books’, Sinai, Volume 16, 1945, pp. 224-146. And see D. Yardeni, a seder he printed of the Tashbetz, AleiSefer, 10, pp. 119-132, a detailed description of the order of printing, in its two main manners). Rear binding is old, without the front binding or spine. Generally good condition. Cover of the book has a printed page taped in: “This is according to every place where it is printed with pagans... only those nations that were at the time of the Bayit... God forbid we think that we live under them and shelter in their shadow and that we being fed by them in those countries.” Signatures of ownership, some old: Moshe Purit(?) Shapira-Meir Katz Rapaport, Zeev Nachum HaKohen Rapaport, Yaakov Weil, Holy Yehuda Leib(?), Rabbi Meir HaKohen Katz Rapaport (1849-1921) Av Beit Din of Lukova (Łuków, near Lublin), known as the Minchat Kohen, a descendent of the Shach. Son of Rabbi Shabtai HaKohen Rapaport (1820-1897), Av Beit Din of Dombrova. Son of Rabbi Avraham Avlei of Tarnov (son-in-law of the AdmorDivrei Shmuel of Slonim, a great sage of his generation). Father-in-law of Rabbi Yaakov Weidenfeld, the KochavMiYaakov (father of Rabbi DovBarish, the Gaon of Chevin), father-in-law of Rabbi Zeev Nachum Burnstein, father of the AvneiNezer, and son-in-law of Rabbi Aryeh LeibMargaliot of Krakow. His son was Rabbi Avraham, who gathered his father’s writings and prepared them for printing but which were lost in the Shoah. From the most famous and important yechus families in Israel. See more in Wander-Galicia, OtzerHaRabbanim 130005; OtzerKitvei El-Levin; Moriya 23: 3-5.
Item sold at $190 Starting at $180
LOT: 010

ShemeshTzedaka—first edition, Venice 1743.

Responsa, two sections (separate covers), by Rabbi Shimshon Morforgo (1681-1740), a great rabbi of Italy, rabbi of Ancona. When a plague broke out in Italy in 1730, he enlisted as a doctor to save lives. The book was brought to the publisher by his son Rabbi Haim Shabtai Morforgo and won a place of respect in halakhic psika. First section on the OrechHayyim, YorehDe’ah [5], 117 pages. Second section on the Even HaEzer, ChoshenMishpat [1] 61 pages. 35cm. Handsome covers. Old binding with spine made of worn leather. Moth holes and tears, mainly in the margins and next to the spine. Tables of contents separated partially. Generally ok to good condition.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 011

Sefer Sod Hashem on Brit Mila, including remedies and segulot, miniature edition—Amsterdam 1745.

Includes the order of the Brit, the Pidyon HaBen, and BirkatHaMazon with hymns for the brit. Authored by Rav David Dlida, who was Av Beit Din in Amsterdam, with additional laws (“the more necessary”) and remedies and proven segulot, in Yiddish at the end. 30 pages. 16cm. Old binding, handsome, with a leather spine. Many tears, mainly in the margins, signs of use, and wine. Generally ok condition.
Starting at $200
LOT: 012

Shot HaRemez—first edition, Vencie 1761. Bound with KinatSofrim and the pamphlet ChakL’Yisrael, Livorno 1740, meyuchas copy, pretty.

Volume with three books: 1. Shot HaRemez by Rabbi Moshe Zechut. At the beginning are endorsements and introductions from rabbis of Venice and Constantinople, with a license from the committee of Venice in Hebrew and Italian—first edition, Venice 1761. [4], 56 pages (missing 2 pages with indices). 2. KinatSofrim, in which the author defends the Rambam’s sources for the mitzvot and responds to the criticism of the Rambam, with the pamphlet ChakL’Yisrael at the end, criticism of the PriChadash on the YorehDe’ah, by Rabbi ChananyaKezis, a rabbi and doctor in Italy—first edition, Livorno 1740. [4], 39, [1], 23 pages. Rare and important books bound together with old worn binding, tears and moth marks, generally very good condition. Stamps of ownership of “Shabtai HaKohen Rapaport, Krakow”, notes handwritten declaring ownership for Rabbi Shabtai HaKohen Rapaport and his father Rabbi Yitzhak Haim Katz Rapaport. Rabbi Yitzhak Haim Rapaport (1852-1921) was Av Beit Din of Ostrava and then Krakow, son of Rabbi Shabtai of Dombrova and son-in-law of Rabbi Zeev Nachum Burnstein of Biely (the Agudat Azov and father of the AvneiNezer). Rabbi Yitzhak Haim was very learned, and was believed to be so nice that it was said he would take his jacket off in the street for any poor person who needed it. His brother-in-law the AvneiNezer greatly appreciated him, and wrote that he was his “book depository.” Dozens of his responsa are in the AvneiNezer, as well as in the KochavMiYaakov (his father’s son-in-law) His son, Rabbi Shabtai HaKohen Rapaport (1885-1943) was a dayan and motz in Krakow, and died in the Shoah with his family, hy”d.
Item sold at $250 Starting at $250
LOT: 013

Or Yisrael—Kleve 1770, copy with rare pages.

Shot from Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz, mainly dealing with the affair “The Get from Kleve” (see below). This is the only Hebrew book printed in Kleve, Germany. The copy includes pages 31-32, which were removed from most copies because responsa from Rabbi Aryeh Levin, the Av Beit Din of Hannover, and Rabbi Yitzhak of Hamburg were printed with strongly worded expressions against the sages of Frankfurt. Cuttings of paper are glued in with printed corrections, with erasures in some places where strong expressions were written (these erasures were probably done originally by the person who brought it to the publisher, who was the author’s son). 66, 69-120 pages. Printed on quality paper, moth marks, stains and wear and tear. Generally good condition. Old binding is coming apart, no spine. The background of this book and its printing is the “Get from Kleve” Affair. The Gaon Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz, rabbi of Kleve, grandfather of the Tiferet Yisrael, organized a get for a couple from Bonn. The husband was a little mentally disturbed, fled from Germany to England in fear of death, and on his way divorced his wife in the city of Kleve, Germany. The sages of Frankfurt and Mannheim cancelled the get, claiming that the husband was not fit to divorce (“invalid get”), and published strongly worded notices against the rabbi of Kleve. But many greats of the generation: the Sha’agat Aryeh, Rabbi Yitzhak of Hamburg, Rabbi Shaul of Amsterdam, and his uncle Rabbi Yaakov Amdin, the Noda MiYehuda, and more, ruled according to Rav Lifshitz, and that the husband was considered a sane man able to divorce. The book mainly deals with this affair and related matters. In the introduction Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz describes the war declared against him by those opposing the get, and mentions all of the actors who wished to approve the get and the various tchuvot on the matter. This is the only Hebrew book ever printed in Kleve, since the printers in Ashkenaz refused to print this book so as not to take a side in the affair.
Item sold at $1900 Starting at $250
LOT: 014

Volume with a number of important and rare books from the 18th and 19th centuries, with interesting signatures of ownership.

1. Pamphlet of Rabbi Haim Yona, called Ale Diuna by Rabbi Haim Yona Frankel-Teumim of Premyslan (1690-1728), son-in-law of Rabbi David Oppenheim. His son and son-in-law were Jewish sages. Lemberg 1807. 24 pages. 2. Shita Mekubetzet on Masechet Beitza, by Rabbi Betzalel Ashkenazi—Lviv 1812. [1], 36 pages. 3. Ken Tzipor, a commentary on the Mishnah at the end of Masechet Kinim by Rabbi Simcha Hess. 4 pages (pages 1-2 are doubled), without cover page. According to the National Library, the hunch is that it was printed originally together with the above Shita Mekubetzet in Lviv in 1812. 4. Laws of Yom Tov, the book Avodat HaKodesh authored by the Rashba. 18 pages. No cover page. According to the National Library, the hunch is that it was printed originally together with the above Shita Mekubetzet in Lviv in 1812. 5. Gufei Halachot, “first section is chiddushim and exegeses on Masechet Niddah and the commentaries on it…authored by Yaakov Av Beit Din of Lodwoynovy son of Pinchas of Aloveriya” (a decendant of Rabbi Mordechai Yafeh, the Levush, and more)—only edition, Warsaw 1822. Cover has a note handwritten “I bought from the author…” (see below for details of the signatures). 42 pages 6. Sefer HaMada, addition to the book Karti v’Palti by Rabbi Yonatan Ivshitz, by Rabbi Shimon Kromnoy (Rabbi Shimon bar David Oppenheim of Kromnoy, a sage of Hungary, Av Beit Din of Pest; first edition Prague 1811. Number of important notes in the margins, handwritten from the time of the book’s printing. [2], 25 pages. 7. Alon Bechot, “By Rav Avraham Tiktin, Av Beit Din and Ram in our community, the Sefer Petah HaBayit and more.” 4 pages. Cover torn in half, various tears, generally bad condition. All bound together with simple cardboard, tears and various multiplied pages, in a number of places with damage to text. Stains. Light moth damage, mainly next to the spine. Generally good condition. Many signatures of ownership, including (what we’ve identified): “Itzik ben HaRav Elazar of Lask.” Signature of his son “Yeshay ben [the above] Itzik” [see below] with an important note on the blank first page that seems to be handwritten. “Shlomo Kliger HaKohen be Rav Haim Naftali…” “Moshe ben Yosef Gdansk” and “Shmuel ben Yosef,” “Zvi…of Liechtenstein” “Simcha Bonim ben Rav Shlomo…”. Rabbi Yitzhak (Itzik) Ayalenberg of Torka and Lodz (Rabbi Itzik Torker—died in 1858) was the son of Rabbi Elazar Sapir (Maggid in Lask, author of many manuscripts that remained in script but were not published. Son-in-law of Rabbi Itzik Goldis of Lask. He was the brother of Rabbi Sinai Sapir, the Minchat Ani, whom he helped to print his books. See more: Lask and its Sages, page 62 onward. Many respectable families and sages are descended from him.
Item sold at $400 Starting at $300
LOT: 015

Volume with Sefer HaItur, Shot Ya’alat Chen, and the book Shnot Eliyahu (by the Gra), first edition—from the 18th century | Handsome, complete copy.

1. Sefer HaItur—second edition, Warsaw 1801. 2, 96 pages. Important Chassidic endorsements by the Maggid of Kozhnitz, Rabbi Yitzhak of Radovil, and Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heschel of Aphtha. 2. Responsa Ya’alat Chen by the Maharal Tzintz—first edition, Prague 1793. 2, 64 pages. 3. Shnot Eliyahu, a commentary on the mishnayot of Seder Zra’im, by Rabbi Eliyahu the Vilna Gaon (Gra). First edition, Lemberg 1799. 2, 59 [supposed to be 58] pages. All bound together with old leather, the binding is defective and the spine is missing, with gilded inscription of the names of the books on the spine. Other than that, in very good condition, a very nice copy.
Item sold at $350 Starting at $200
LOT: 016

Makelo shel Aharon—first edition, Aleksnitz 1768. Rare book from a rare printer.

Chiddushim on the Torah by Rabbi Aharon ben Natan Neta Halprin of Trembovla—first edition. 23 pages unnumbered (25 in the original—the two first pages after the cover are missing). Tears and defects, the pages are all disconnected with wear, generally bad condition. Rare book, especially from a rare printer in Aleksnitz, in which only around 20 Hebrew books were ever printed. Rabbi Aharon ben Natan Neta Halprin (1700-1770) was the son-in-law of the Naggid Ramam of Narol. He lived in Trembovla and because it was an unlearned place he built a Beit Midrash with a large library there using his own money. In his book Machaneh Aron (also printed that year in Aleksnitz), his yichus is noted: “direct line from the HaLevushim [Rabbi Mordechai Yafeh] on his father’s side, and his father’s mother was the daughter of Rabbi HaMeor HaGadol, who was Av Beit Din in Stanov, brother of the famous Av Beit Din of Ostri, great-grandchild of the Teshuvat Rashach. On his mother’s side he is the descendent of the Gaon Chassid Wolf, Av Beit Din of Alik, son-in-law of the Maharshal.
Item sold at $300 Starting at $120
LOT: 017

Zohar Chadash, Zolkva 1803

“Printed for the second time by Rabbi Yaakov Naftali Hirtz of Brad, with the good addition of glosses to correct mistakes that happened during the original printing in Amsterdam.” Printed by Avraham Yehuda Leib Meir Hapir of Zolkva, 1804. Signatures of ownership: “Yosef David Ernitz.” Disconnected binding, moth damage and wear over time. Generally good condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 018

Bechinat Olam, bound together with the book Sha’ar HaShamayim—Zolkva 1805.

With a bakasha from Rabbeinu Yedaya HaPnini, with translation to Yiddish—Levush 1805. 75 [originally 76] pages. Partially missing copy, missing pages 10, 11, 76. Bound together with Sha’ar HaShamayim, on the soul and the resurrection by Rabbi Gershon bar Shlomo, father of the Ralbag—Zolkva 1805. [1], 95 [originally 96] pages. The last page is missing. Various signatures of ownership, among them: Rabbi Shmuel Simcha Shov of Rakov [perhaps the father-in-law of the Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kosov, the Ahavat Shalom—father of the Vizhnitz dynasty]. Tears and stains, no binding, pages disconnected. Generally bad to ok condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 019

Sefer HaHayyim and Sefer Ta’alumot Chochma—Lviv 1804 | With Efer Yaakov—Breslau 1839, complete, nice copy.

1. Sefer HaHayyim by Rabbi Haim ben Rabbi Betzalel, brother of the Maharal, with endorsement and introduction by Rabbi Avraham Yehuda Heschel of Aphtha, who wrote “every person who joys in life will choose this holy book…and Hashem will write and sign us in the Book of Life” Lviv 1804 [probably actually 1830]. 1, 30, 3 pages. 2. Ta’alumot Chochmah, Ecclesiastes with the commentary of Rabbi Yaakov of Lisa (the Netivot)—first edition, Lviv 1804 [probably 1830]. 1, 15 pages. 3. Efer Yaakov “including a debate between two brothers, the Nefesh and the Neshama, to love Hashem and stick to his pure mitzvot” by Rabbi Yaakov Eichhoren [a sage of Krakow, son-in-law of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Rozes, who was the tokea for the Ba’al Shem Tov. Moved to Tzfat, returned to Krakow, and served there as a rabbi. With an endorsement by Rabbi Yisrael of Shklov and other Tzfat rabbis. In the book (pages 30-31 in the section 2) is a responsa from Rabbi Avraham Dov of Ovritz, the Bat Ayin of Tzfat. An especially important and rare book—first edition Breslau 1830. 2, 43, 34 pages. Three complete books in beautiful condition. Simple binding, defective, many signatures of ownership that were not examined.
Starting at $200
LOT: 020

Get Mekushar (Maharal Tzintz)—first edition, Warsaw 1812.

With the exegesis Tiv Gittin by Rabbi Aryeh Leib son of Rabbi Moshe of Platzk, the Maharal Tzintz. 1, 10, 90 pages. Tears in the corners of the first pages, with slight damage to text, light stains. One of the pages has an ink stain from a spill and caused a tear with damage to text. Apart from that, very good condition. Old binding, with an inscribed leather spine. Signature on the cover page (Yosef?).
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 021

Netivot HaMishpat, section 2—first edition, Zolkva 1816.

Exegeses on Choshen Mishpat, by Rabbi Yaakov of Lisa, first edition of the second section printed, during the life of the author. [1], 106 pages. Tears and stains, some with damage to text. Defective cover. Old binding, defective a little, mainly in the spine. Generally ok condition. Stamps of Rabbi Yosef Kamisarsky, Sovalkrabbi in Chiago. Signature of ownership of David Mordechai Segel Kreuz, and more.
Starting at $150
LOT: 022

Sefer Charedim—Radovil 1818, complete, nice copy.

By Rabbi Elazar Azkari. Partially printed on light-blue pages, a few moth holes, light stains, light defects, generally good condition. Old binding with a spine made of leather (inscribed), worn with defects. Signature of ownership of “Issachar Dov ben Moshe Haim from Gesher Etz in Hospital Yiddischen [Jewish hospital] called Barish Laksar.” Not checked thoroughly.
Item sold at $190 Starting at $150
LOT: 023

ShevetMussar, Vilna – Horodna, 1819.

One of the most important works of mussar. By Rabbi Eliyahu ben Avraham ShlomoHaKohenHaItmari (1659-1729), a kabbalist and sage of Izmir. Printed by Rabbi Menachem Man and Rabbi Simcha Zissel. Signatures and listings of ownership. Professional restoration. Moth marks, stains. New binding. 80 pages. 22cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 024

Two books of Rabbi Yehuda Leib Adel, the Maggid of Slonim: Mei Nifto’ach and Mayim Tehorim—first edition, Bialystock 1816-7.

1. Mei Nifto’ach, exegesis on Rambam’s commentary on Seder Taharot—first edition 1816. 9, 64 pages. 2. Mayim Tehorim, commentary on the mishnayot of Seder Taharot—first edition, 1817. [2], 50, [2] pages. First and last pages disconnected, binding coming apart. Stains. Generally good condition. Signatures of ownership of Rabbi Baruch Rabinowitz, rabbi of the Gra community in Chicago, before which he was rabbi in Vitebsk. Additional stamp of his from when he was in Vitebsk. Rabbi Yehuda Leib HaLevi Adel (Adel was originally an abbreviation for the words “Ad LaMaor”, hinting at his lineage all the way to Rabbi Zerachiya HaLevi, the Maor) lived from 1757-1828, was the Maggid of Slonim, son of Rabbi Moshe Adel of Zamoshz. Studied with Rabbi Shlomo of Halem (the Markevat HaMishnah), who served as rabbi of the city. In his youth he studied years in Brody, where he began to work in darshanut.
Starting at $200
LOT: 025

Nachal Dimah—Vienna 1934, a very rare booklet with eulogies for the Chafetz Haim, the Maharam Shapira of Lublin, and Rabbi Yisrael of Chortkov.

By Naftali Reuvan Schneor. Only edition, rare. The book has dedicated pages with the portraits of these tzaddikim, and the eulogies in Yiddish. Paper binding. 68 pages. Small tear on the spine, apart from that in excellent condition. The National Library catalogues this booklet under rarities. Not listed in the Winograd Bibliography.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $120