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“These holy books will protect whoever buys them” A segulah book: Or Haganuz – Chassidut, first edition, Lemberg 1866

The book Or Haganuz and the second part named V’zot L’Yehuda by Rabbi Yehuda Leib Hakohen from Hanipol, a rare segulah book that received approbations from the foremost chassidic leaders. With an approbation from the author of the Tzemach Tzedek of Lubavitch – the only book that received an approbation from him. Approbations from the Chidushei HaRim of Gur, the Divrei Chaim of Sanz, Rabbi Mordechai – the Maggid of Chernobyl writes about the segulah and protection brought about by owning this book: “And every person should buy themselves a copy of this holy book as wonderful merit and protection for himself and his children throughout the generations.” His holy sons – Rabbi Aharon of Chernobyl, Rabbi Avraham of Trisk and Rabbi David of Tolna who also wrote approbations for the book, wrote again about the segulah their father mentioned: “And our father the Rebbe told us that these holy books will protect whoever buys them…” In the publisher’s introduction the author’s grandson also writes “…And bring blessing and protection into your homes. Especially when the righteous leaders of this generation wrote that this work is protection and blessing for the house.” The book contains chassidic teachings on the Torah, and the second section V’Zot L’Yehuda [with a separate title page] deals with explanations of mishnayot on the level of remez and sod. The title page and some of the approbations are missing, tears in the page margins with no text missing. Ownership signature of the kabbalist Mordechai Moshe Karfman of Jerusalem. 84 leaves, 33 leaves. A small number of worming holes, moderate general condition. Rabbi Yehuda Leib Hakohen of Hanipol, one of the foremost disciples of the Maggid of Mezeritch, who even served as a cantor for him. One of the two people to write approbations on the Tanya (alongside Rabbi Zusha of Hanipol), where he is referred to as “The famous chassid, man of G-d, who is called holy”. He also served as a maggid in the city of Hanipol. He died in 1807 and was buried in Hanipol alongside his rabbi the Maggid of Mezeritch.
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