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LOT: 212

Lot of books by the Divrei Haim (Sanz chassidut)—second edition, published by the author’s son and grandson. Krakow 1892, Berdichev 1902.

Lot of books by the Admor Rabbi Haim Halberstam of Sanz, known as the Divrei Haim. 1. Divrei Haim, first section on the Torah and second section on the moadim and chiddushim on the Bava Metziah, second edition published by the author’s son, Rabbi Yitzhak Yeshaya Halberstam of Chechyov. Krakow 1892. [2], 82, [2], 116 leaves. Additional title page for the second section. Cloth binding is partially detached, a few pages detached, stains, overall good condition. 2. Shut Divrei Haim, 2 sections, 2nd edition by the author’s grandsons. Berdichev 1902. Two sections in one volume with a separate title page for each. [2], 138, [1]. [2], 130 leaves. Brittle paper, light stains, lone defects, overall good condition. Stamp of ownership: “Rabbi Zvi Guttman (previously Rabbi of Bucharest), Tel Aviv”
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