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LOT: 001

The book Mateh Ephraim – in the printing press of the Shapiro brother, Zhitomir 1848

The book Mateh Ephraim with the commentary Eleph L’Mateh, the laws of prayer by Rabbi Ephraim Zalman Margaliot of Brody. Printed in the printing press of the Shapiro brothers, the grandsons of the Slavita Rav. Zhitomir, 1848. Ownership inscription: Belongs to the rabbi Rabbi Yaakov son of Rabbi Shmuel of Liova [?]. An additional inscription: Avraham Noach son of Moredechai Hacohen, and additional inscriptions. 72 leaves, 143 pages. Faded binding, slight tears at the edge of the spine, stains. Good general condition.
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