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LOT: 144

Roke’ach HaGadol—brought to the publisher on the order of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev. Zolkva 1806, copy owned by Hungarian rabbis.

Roke’ach HaGadol, an important and foundational work by Rabbeinu Eliezer of Gremeiza, “brought to the publisher on the order of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev”. [3], 110 leaves. Stains, hole damaging text on leaf 58, holes at the bottom of the title page, overall good condition. Title page has stamp: “From the library of Yeshaya Bennet Budapest”. Back of the title page has stamps: “Yisrael Wolz, Rabbi of Tenie.” See below. Rabbi Yisrael Wolz (1887-1974) was the son of Rabbi Zvi. He served as Av Beit Din in Budapest until the Shoah, and then as a Motz in Jerusalem. He wrote the Shut Divrei Yisrael. He was a student of Rabbi Yosef Sofer, the Yalkut Sofer of Paksh, and of Rabbi Akiva Sofer the Daat Sofer of Pressburg. He served as rabbi of Tinie, where he led the yeshiva he founded until the beginning of WWI. After the war he served as Rabbi of Pesht (one of the two halves of Budapest). He also led the yeshiva there. He became famous as one of Hungary’s sages, and he held halachic correspondence with other sages of his generation in Hungary. For a period he edited the booklet Tel Talpiyot, a journalistic Judaic platform for Hungarian rabbis, and after surviving the Shoah he moved to Israel and settled in the Shikun HaRabbanim in Jerusalem. He is buried in Har HaMenuhot in the Rabbinical plot.
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