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LOT: 002

A complete copy in the original binding: Ma’avar Yabok – printing press of the Shapiro brothers, Zhitomir 1851

The book Ma’avar Yabok by Rabbi Aharon Berachia son of Rabbi Moshe of Modena “It is divided into four sections: Section 1 – Siftei Kohen, section 2 – Sfat Emet, section 3 – Siftei Renanot and the fourth and most important section – Atar Anan Haketoret…the order of the Ketoret offering, korban taanit and Minchat Aharon…” printed in the printing press of the brothers Chananya Lipa and Aryeh Leib and Yehoshua Heschel Shapiro the grandsons of the rabbi of Slavita, 1851. 2, 2-229 leaves. 18.5 cm. Cloth binding with the original leather spine, faded. Worming damage and stains. Moderate – good general condition.
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