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LOT: 012

Two polemical books on the kashrut of wheat-grinding for matzot using steam mills [cylinders]. Kol Tachana and the book that was published in response—Kol Tze’akat HaRo’im.

Background: At the beginning of the twentieth century, with the spread of the invention of the steam engine, Jews in African countries began to use steam-powered flour mills. Some sages banned them from a fear that they could not be cleaned to the level required for Pesach, while other rabbis approved them. The situation caused a great controversy, with both sides publishing books to strengthen their claims. Among those who forbade was Rabbi Chaim Yosef Maman and he printed in Jerusalem in 1902 the book "Kol Hatahana Kol Hatahneh" in which he wrote at length on the need to ban the mills. Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Gigi published "The Shout of the Shepherds" (Kol Tze’akat HaRo’im) against this book, in which he elaborates with a factual description and a halakhic answer to allow them. A. Kol HaTachana by Rabbi Haim Yosef Maman, only edition, Jerusalem 1912. [6], 8 pages, 88, [2] leaves. Lone, tiny moth holes, tear without missing section on leaf 15, overall very good condition. B. Kol Tze’akat HaRo’im by Rabbi Eliyahu ben Gigi, only edition, Tunis 1915. [4], 265 leaves, lone tiny moth holes, very good condition.
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