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LOT: 147

Volume with Shot Rama, Shot Bach, and HavatYa’ir—copy of Rabbi Zeev Nachum Burnstein, father of the AvneiNezer.

Large volume with three books bound together, old binding. 1. Shot Rama—Sadilkov 1835. Some pages are blue, 44 [supposed to be 65] pages. 2. Shot Beit ChadashHaYeshanot, second edition Ostraha 1834. [5], 69 pages. 3. HavatYair, second edition Sadilkov 1834. No title page. [1], 47, 49-52; 29-29-52 pages. Defects to binding, lone bits of moth holes. Generally very good condition. Blank page after cover has handwritten note “this belongs to the famous Zeev Nachum Bornstein of Sztzekaczyn, and more.Rabbi Zeev Nachum Bornstein (1820-1885) was rabbi of Biala Podolsk and rabbi of many of the greatest Polish Jewry in the generation. The author of the book Agudat Azov, son of Rabbi AharonSztzekaczyn, one of the Chassidim of the Seer of Lublin, Rabbi Simcha Bunim of Peshischa and Rabbi David Mal'elov, and the disciple of Rabbi Shalom TzviHaCohen of Tsarash, married to the daughter of Rabbi Mordechai Hirsch Erlich lived in Bedzin, where he was born. Rabbi Avraham Bornstein, author of the AvneiNezer, who was appointed Rabbi of Olkusz in 1850. In 1856, he was appointed Rabbi of the city of Biala where he served until his death and was the Chassidus of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk, The son-in-law of the KotzkRebbe, began to act under him as Admor, and accepted him as his rabbi. Among his many students include Rabbi Yoav Yehoshua Weingarten of Kintzak - the "Chavat Yoav".
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