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LOT: 134

Sha’areiTziyon (prayers and tikkuns)—Zhitomir 1856. Rare!

Including TikunChatzot, Tikun ha-Nefesh, TikuniTefilot, TikunLevash, TikunNedarim, Tikun Three Sederot, Seder MesiratModa’ah, prayer for rainfall, and the seder Pidyon Nefesh, with addition of Tikkun Seudah and SeferYetzirah, by Rabbi Natan Neta Hanover - printed by Rabbi Aryeh Leib Shapira, grandson of the Rabbi of Slavita in 1856. Uncommon edition! The National Library of Israel has a single copy, which is missing. The Mifal Bibliography list this book according to the same missing copy. 404 page [1, 2-108, 119-124, 115-196 page]. There are no other copies in the public libraries in Israel, and in general, prayer books were preserved less than other books, as they were in everyday use. Damaged antique binding, made of wood, covered with a cloth with an imprinted leather spine, moth damage, tears and various stains, very many usage marks, tears in several leaf corners with text damages. Generally ok condition.
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