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LOT: 127

Psalms Ben Biti, Komarna, first edition with the handwritten dedication of the person who brought it to the publisher, the Admor Rabbi Haim Yaakov Saprin of Komarna.

SeferTehillim with the commentary Ben Biti, by the Admor Rabbi Eliezer TzviSafrin of Kamarna [and his father the Rebbe Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac of Kamarna] - first edition Ozaharad [Ungvar] 1926. 16 pages, 132 pages. Handwritten dedication by the grandson of the author. The author of this book is the Admor Rabbi Chaim Ya'akovSafrin of Komorna: "A gift to my soulmate, beloved of the Rabbani ... Saprin of Kamarna". Various tears, some restored New binding in good condition. Rabbi Eliezer TzviSaprin from Komarna (1830-1898) was the son of Rabbi Yitzchak IsaacYehuda YehielSaprin, the son of Rabbi Alexander Sender of Komerna, the author of works on Chassidic kabbalahfor whom thousands of Hasidim huddled in his shadow. Author of: Damesek Eliezer on the Zohar, the Or Einayim, an introduction to kabbalah, Ben Biti on the Torah, Psalms, 5 Megillot, and the end of the Shas. ZakenBito on Tractate Avot. His son-in-law was Rabbi Yehuda Zvi of Razala. Rabbi Chaim Ya'akovSafrin of Komarna (1892-1967), grandson of Rabbi Eliezer Tzvi son of his son Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Safrin of Borislav, served in the Admor in Ungvar, immigrated to the United States in 1936 during the years of rage. He immigrated to Israel in 1962 and settled in Jerusalem where he established his Beit Midrash ShtiblachKomarna in the center of the Geula neighborhood. Author of "Beit Ya'akov", "Beit Avot", "Ma Zot", "Shabbat Shalom u’Mevorech", "PriHayim", "Porat Yosef" and dozens of other books which remain in manuscript form.
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