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Tashbetz—first edition, Amsterdam 1738-1741, with interesting signatures.

Four sections, authored by Rabbi Shimon bar Tzemach. [11], 91, 69, [1], 68, [1], [1], 101, [1] pages. 31cm. Fourth section has a separate cover from the other three sections. The copy before us is one of the ‘different copies’ of this book, with a first cover printed with illustrations of Moses and Aaron, David and Salomon, with some changes (see N. Ben-Menachem, in ‘The Secret of Books’, Sinai, Volume 16, 1945, pp. 224-146. And see D. Yardeni, a seder he printed of the Tashbetz, AleiSefer, 10, pp. 119-132, a detailed description of the order of printing, in its two main manners). Rear binding is old, without the front binding or spine. Generally good condition. Cover of the book has a printed page taped in: “This is according to every place where it is printed with pagans... only those nations that were at the time of the Bayit... God forbid we think that we live under them and shelter in their shadow and that we being fed by them in those countries.” Signatures of ownership, some old: Moshe Purit(?) Shapira-Meir Katz Rapaport, Zeev Nachum HaKohen Rapaport, Yaakov Weil, Holy Yehuda Leib(?), Rabbi Meir HaKohen Katz Rapaport (1849-1921) Av Beit Din of Lukova (Łuków, near Lublin), known as the Minchat Kohen, a descendent of the Shach. Son of Rabbi Shabtai HaKohen Rapaport (1820-1897), Av Beit Din of Dombrova. Son of Rabbi Avraham Avlei of Tarnov (son-in-law of the AdmorDivrei Shmuel of Slonim, a great sage of his generation). Father-in-law of Rabbi Yaakov Weidenfeld, the KochavMiYaakov (father of Rabbi DovBarish, the Gaon of Chevin), father-in-law of Rabbi Zeev Nachum Burnstein, father of the AvneiNezer, and son-in-law of Rabbi Aryeh LeibMargaliot of Krakow. His son was Rabbi Avraham, who gathered his father’s writings and prepared them for printing but which were lost in the Shoah. From the most famous and important yechus families in Israel. See more in Wander-Galicia, OtzerHaRabbanim 130005; OtzerKitvei El-Levin; Moriya 23: 3-5.
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