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LOT: 180

of 3 postcards sent to the banker Nehemiah da Lima, representative of the tzedakot of the Sfardim in Israel for the officials and administrators of Amsterdam.

1. From Rabbi Moshe Lilenthal (a Jerusalem printer who was a leader of the Ashkenazic community) - speaks of the baseless hatred that existed in Jerusalem among the kolelim. 2-3. From Rabbi Chaim Eliezer Huisberg - the first postcard on the matter that the Shadrut mentions a number of impressions of his visit and complains that most of the public does not deal with spirituality and Torah. The second postcard writes that Rabbi Meir Lehman (Marcus Lehman) objects to it. Nehemia daLima (1882-1940) was a Dutch banker and socialist and Zionist leader. Founder of Bank Hapoalim of the Netherlands, De Centrale ArbeidersVerzekerings and director of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in 1919-1921.
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