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LOT: 076

Lot of 2 Chumashim Zhitomir Print

Lot of 2 Chumashim: 1. Shmot (Exodus) with Rashi and Onkelus. Zhitomir print. Siddur at the end of the Chumash. Nussach Sefarad. Original cover missing. Moth damage. 2. Bamidbar
Item sold at $220 Starting at $180
LOT: 077

"Chok Le'Israel" Devarim Zhitomir 1849. Ownership Signature Rabbi Itzchak Aharon Itinga, ABD Levov

Sefer "Chok Le'Israel", Commentary on Sefer Devorim part 5. Zhitomir 1849. Ownership signature on title page, of rabbi Itzchak Aharon Itinga: He was a great sageת Av Beit Din in Przemeshl, and then in Levov. He authored Q&A from the Ari Halevi (2 sections) and wasw printed in Lemberg in 1893. "hekdedsh to beit midrash Levov by Rabbi Moshe Ba'har"i of Kalish...". General good condition, few stains, title page with red ink. New binding. Missing 6 Pages on Parshas Re'eh
Item sold at $130 Starting at $80
LOT: 078

14 Masechtas in 9 volumes and 3 sections—Zhitomir printing by the Shapira brothers, grandchildren of the Rebbe from Slavita

9 volumes of Gemara, the Babylonian Talmud printed in Zhitomir by the Shapira brothers, the grandchildren of the Rebbe from Slavita: Volume 1. Masechet Beitza—small date 1864, 2 title pages. Volume 2. Pesachim, 1861, 2 title pagess. Volume 3. Pesachim (3 title pages)—Hagiga, 1861. Volume 4. Masechet Gittin—Nazir, 2 title pages, 1863. Volume 5. Masechet Baba Kama, 1 title page, 1858. Volume 6. Masechet Baba Metziya, 2 title pages, 1859. Volume 7. Masechet Sanhedrin, 2 title pages, 1859. Volume 8. Masechet Makot—Zevachim, 2 title pages, 1860. Volume 9. Masechet Arhin—Temura—Kritut—Me’ila—laws of Yom Tov from Maharit Elgazi; 1 title page for each section, 1860. With three title pages of the Zhitomir printing—Mishnayot, Masechet Nida, Masechet Nedarim. In total 14 masechtot in 9 volumes. Signatures of handwritten ownership by an Ashkenazi in some of the volumes. The volumes are in different conditions, some with defects, water stains, moth marks.
Item sold at $750 Starting at $220
LOT: 079

Masechet Zevachim Slavita Print 1821

Masechet Zevachim Talmud Bavli printed by Rabbi Moshe Shapiro from Slavita 1821. Title page in red ink. Blue paper. No cover, moth damage, medium condition
Starting at $220
LOT: 080

Masecht Sota, Salvita-1818

Talmud bavli Masechet Sota, Slavita-1818 Printed by Rabbi Moshe Shapiro from Slavita. Title page with red ink. No Cover, Slightly moth damaged
Item sold at $350 Starting at $180
LOT: 081

A package of 2 vollumes of Mishnayot, Printed in Slavita. 1815, 1822.

A package of 2 vollumes of Mishnayot, Printed in Slavita. 1815, 1822. Printed by Harav Moshe Shapira, Signature of ownership, no binding, worn, damaged pages.
Item sold at $240 Starting at $180
LOT: 082

Lot of 2 books Slavita Print Ein Yaakov-1802 and Mishnayot

Lot of 2 books Slavita Print: 1.Ein Yaakov volume 1-1802. 274 pages 22 cm Medium to good condition. Moth holes. Blue paper. New cover. 2. Mishnayout-Seder Tahara (missing till page 3) Medium to good condition, stains and damages on a few pages.
Starting at $220
LOT: 083

Sefer Ein Yaakov Part 3 Slavita 1818

Sefer Ein Yaakov Part 3 with Chidushei Kohelet Shlomo. Printed by Rabbi Moshe Shapiro, Slavita 1818. (1) 328 Pages. Title page with red ink. Ownership Signatures and stamps. No cover. Moth damage, mostly on boarders. Worn. Medium condition
Starting at $130
LOT: 084

Sefer Ein Yaakov Part 3 Slavita 1835

Sefer Ein Yaakov part 3, with commentary of Kohelet Shlomo. Printed By Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Shapiro, Slavita 1835. Title page with red ink. 300 pages with nice illustration on last page. no cover. moth damage on a few pages. stains.
Starting at $130
LOT: 085

Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim Slavita 1827

Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim by Rabbi Moshe Shapiro, Slavita 1827 (4) 294 Pages Title page in red ink. Moth Damage, wear & tear. Last Pages are detached and damaged.
Item sold at $170 Starting at $120
LOT: 086

Sefer Chumash Devorim Slavita 1826

Sefer Chumash Devorim with Rashi commentary and translation and Ba'al haturim & Siftei Chachamim commentary. Printed by Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Shapiro, Slavita 1826. 176 Pages 19cm. Title page in red ink, no cover. badly moth damagedm, detached pages
Item sold at $180 Starting at $150
LOT: 087

Book of Zohar on the Book of Exodus printed by the Kohanim of Slavita—1810.

Zohar on the Book of Exodus printed by the Kohanim of Slavita. Title page and first pages with damage to the text, the rest in good condition, worn binding, some of the pages are green/blue.
Starting at $120
LOT: 088

Beit Halevi-By Rabbi Yeshaya Halevi Horowitz-Grandson of the Shla. Venice 1666

Beit Halevi-18 aspects of the talmudic principal of "Migo", with innovation on the "Shulchan Aruch", "Choshen Mishpat" (section 69-149) with several Q&A's among them, by Rabbi Yeshaya Halevi Horowitz-Grandson of the "Shla Hakodosh"). 120,4 pages. Owners Signature on title page: "Refael Yitzchak Amado" New Fabric cover, Badly moth damaged.
Starting at $150
LOT: 089

Sefer "Netivot Lashavet" Baal Hahaflaa, Levov 1838 with sheelot vitshuvot "Givat Pinchas", Levov 1838, First Edition.

Two Sfarim of Harav Pinchas Halevi Horowitz( Baal Hahaflaa) first editions in one vollume: 1.Sefer" Netivot Lashavet" chidushim on Shulchan Aruch Even Haeezer until siman chaf gimmel, Levov 1884 first edition. 2. 48 daf with haskamot Hachatam Sofer and The Yeshuot yaakov. 3. Sheelot Vetshuvot "Givat Pinchas", Levov 1884, first edition, 48 daf. 2 books in one vollume with no binding, Moth damage on a few pages.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $200
LOT: 090

4 books in one volume

4 books: 1. “Notes of the Hida—Chaim Yosef David Azoulay,” a collection of 68 notes (his age) written by the Hida at different times, with a biography on the Hida and a list of his books, including notes written to his family, important Jews, bigwigs and friends, letters of smicha (rabbinical certification), and recommendations for Rabbi Yaakov Rokach, from Livorno, 1867. First edition. 2. “Complete Gates of Tears” Jerusalem. 3. “Shabbat Sacrifice” from Warsaw, 1874. 4. “Letters to Family,” Warsaw. All bound together, the binding and pages have come undone. Handwritten signature of ownership and registrations.
Item sold at $90 Starting at $90
LOT: 091

The book—“Writing of Rabbi Eliezer” with the exegesis “Bayit HaGadol” (The Great House) from Vilnius (Vilna) 1838, first edition—registrations handwritten by HaRav Haim Berlin.

The book “Writings of Rabbi Eliezer,” a famous midrash from the days of the Tosafot and the Rambam and Rabbeinu Asher (Ra’ash) from the Tanna Rabbi Eliezer ben Hurekanus, called Rabbi Eliezer HaGadol, with the exegesis “The Grand House” (Bayit HaGadol) by Rabbi Avraham Broda, Vilnius (Vilna) 1838, first edition of the exegesis. (3) 37 pages. On the last page and the binding there are calculations and a list of books(?) handwritten by HaRav Haim Berlin ben Naftali Zvi Yehuda Berlin, also on p. 15 his handwritten signature. New binding, moth damage.
Starting at $70
LOT: 092

The book “The Format of the Sanctuary” Amsterdam—1650—first edition

“Format of the Sanctuary,” research on the format of the First Temple and the Temple tools built by Solomon “by his laws and his commands,” written by Rabbi Yaakov Yehuda Aryeh Liyon, Amsterdam, 1650, first edition. 38 pages. 2 title pages in Hebrew and Latin, at the start of the book are permissions for printing the book by the government and the prohibition against smuggling it across borders. Original binding is worn, the spine is peeling, moth damage.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 093

Goren Nachon text—Fixing Character Traits, Luniville 1807.

Goren Nachon text on fixing one’s character traits, by Rabbi Shlomo (Solomon) Ibn Gvirol, with the book The Morals of the Philosophers, and the book The Apple to Aristotle, Luniville 1807, 2nd edition (the first edition was printed in Riwadtrinto in 1562. On the title page is printed the royal seal of the Emperor Napoleon I, who took over France three years previous, in December 1804. 20, 4, 4-15, 15-27, 4, (2) pages. 26cm. Wide margins, good condition. Generally good condition, stains, lone defects in the title page.
Item sold at $240 Starting at $120
LOT: 094

Book “The Order of Generations” Karlsruhe 1769

“The Order of Generations” book is an ordering of the days of the world, personal genealogies and events since the creation of the world until the generation of the compiler, an ordering of the Tana’im and Emorim, names of books and their authors, by Rabbi Yehiel Halperin the Av Beit Din (head of the religious court) of Minsk; printed in Karlsruhe 1769, first edition. (12) 180 pages, 32cm. Signatures of ownership on the title page in Ashkenazi (Latin) script, among which are: Shmuel Segel. Many keys and agreements, on the first pages is a defect, missing text, moth damage in a couple places, new binding.
Item sold at $125 Starting at $100
LOT: 095

“Dedicating the Temple” Venice 1696. RARE.

The book of “Dedicating the Temple” “Noting the shapes and formats of the Temple destroyed according to his laws and decrees…in the issues that need elaboration there will be for them a Holy Temple that will return their souls,” with the addition “the character of the forms of the Temple itself, from all its parts” and at the end a diagram with the format of the Temple, by the Rav Moshe Ben Gershom Hafetz. Throughout the book are many charts to illustrate the shape of the Temple and the tools of the Temple. Signatures of ownership and handwritten notes in a number of places, on the last page is a handwritten poem in ancient Latin script “There is bitter wailing…” most likely about the destruction of the Holy Temple. Venice, 1696. (4) 52 pages. Original binding with a red leather spine. Thick pages, moth damage and stains. Rare book.
Item sold at $275 Starting at $250
LOT: 096

“The Love of Virtue” (Ahavat Chesed) book, Amsterdam 1777. The only edition.

The book “Ahavat Chesed” Rabbi Natan with the body of the Masechet, by Rabbi Avraham Witmond, a student of the Rabbi Avraham Broda, on p. 1 the signature of Rabbi David Blach the son-in-law of the compiler and the one who published it, on the title page the signature of ownership of “Shalom Shachna ben Binyamin Ze’ev,” the son of the proofreader Rabbi Binyamin Ze’ev who is listed in the title page and introduction. Amsterdam 1777. The only printing, with documentation by the rabbis of Amsterdam, (4) 43 pages. (Winograd 2062), stains and unbound pages, old binding.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 097

Exegesis on Masechet Avot in the Name of “Lebanon Wine,” Berlin 1775.

Masechet Avot with an explanation and significantly comprehensive exegesis with the name of “Lebanon Wine” by Rabbi Naftali Hertz Wiesel, Berlin 1775, first edition, (6) 150 (2) pages, (CD 1960). The book is decorated with agreements by the rabbis: The Nuda Beyehuda (Yechezkel Landau), Rabbis of Amsterdam, and more. The books the compiler references are those of the greatest of their generations such as: the Malbim, Yisrael Lifshitz, the Rashar Hirsh, HaHosen Joshua, Hafetz Haim, Yitzhak Isaac Shar (son-in-law of the Saba of Slobodka), the Ba’al Shem of Michelstaat, the Natziv from Vilazhen, HaSho’el U’Maisheev, Yehuda Asad, Shlomo Wolba and more. Good condition, title page with a defect without damage to the text.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 098

“The House of the Levites” on the Torah, Warsaw 1884, first edition, with signature of the Rabbi Yosef Avraham Tzinawitz Av Beit Din Lamzha

“The House of the Levites,” in 2 sections (separate title pages), explanations and ideas on the Torah, by Rabbi Yosef Dover HaLevi. Warsaw, 1884, first edition. On the title page is the signature and seal of ownership of Rabbi Yosef Avraham Tzinawitz—the head of the religious court of Lamzha, compiler of the Book of “Salsalot” (Baskets) of Yosef and printed in 1937. In this book is a halakhic negotiation amongst the leaders of the generation like the Rabbi Haim Ozer Grodzinski, HaOr Same’ach, Ha’Rogochover and more greats of the world. Good condition, without binding.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 099

“The Bequeathal of Jacob” Frankfurt on the Ӧder, 1739.

“The Bequeathal of Jacob,” updates and wordplay on the Shas and requirements for Passover, by the Rabbi Menachem Mendely, Frankfurt on the Ӧder 1739. Only edition, 34 (1) pages, (Winograd 287). Copy in great condition, title page is handsome wood engraving, with an old handwritten signature in Latin (Ashkenazi) script. Seal of ownership of “Atra Kadisha the Holy Community of Parish, It is a Tree of Life to Be Held Fast”
Item sold at $160 Starting at $100
LOT: 100

Books of the Hatam Sofer for His Family and Students

4 books: 1. Updates of the Hatam Sofer on Masechet Gitin, Vienna 1893, first edition, 75 pages. 2. “Hatam Sofer” book, explanations, comments, and notes by HaRav Yosef Naftali Stern, Cluj 1929, first edition. Title page with green color (Friedberg 1302). 3. “Full of Incense” including explanations and obituaries, by HaRav Eliezer Zussman, Pressburg, 1872. First edition, with seal of ownership on the cover. 4. “Rebbe Meir Sheek” updates and exegeses on the Torah, by the Gaon the Righteous Rabbi Moshe Sheek the head of the religious court of Khowst, student of the Hatam Sofer, Mukachevo 1905, first edition. In total, 4 books, generally good condition. With certificates of ownership, different sizes of book.
Starting at $150