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LOT: 170

Chiddushei HaRashba and the Rashbatz – Lviv 1785. Copy of Rabbi Binyamin Rivlin of Shklov, the cousin of the Vilna Gaon and one of his greatest students.

Chiddushei Rashba on masechtot Niddah and Shavuot, separate cover for each. Chiddushei Rashbatz on Niddah bound together. Printed by Haim David HaLevi. On page 32(1) appears the word “Rivlin,” on page 27(1) appears “Rav Binyamin HaRav Zalman Riv… of Shklov.” | Rabbi Binyamin Zalman Rivlin of Shklov (1728-1812) was the cousin and student of the Vilna Gaon. Founded together with Rabbi Yehoshua Zeitlin the Yeshivat HaIluyim in Shklov. The Vilna Gaon came for its establishment. He earned the nickname “the Chief Agent of the Vilna Gaon” for working at an industrial pace to help the Gra’s students immigrate to Israel. His son was Rabbi Hillel Rivlin of Shklov, the Kol HaTur and leader of the Aliyah of the Gra’s students. | Thick paper, dark and of high quality. Reinforcement with tape. Margins are frayed. A few moth holes. New binding. Cover of the Rashba on masechet Niddah erroneously features the word “Shavuot.” | 33; 44 pages. 20cm. Generally good condition.
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