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LOT: 142

Sefer Torah written by hand on parchment. Yemen, 17-18th century

Sefer Torah written by one hand on brown/red leather of a cattle such as was common in Yemen to use every part of the hide, written on the external side of the skin, which caused the unusual color. According to the shape of the letters and the Pei, and the crooked letters, it can be deduced that it was made in Yemen until about 300 years ago. This writing was done according to the tradition of the Rambam (for a comprehensive researcher, look at the study by Professor Aaron Gimani in his book “Tmurot b’Moreshet Yahadut Teiman”—Changes in Yemenite Jewish heritage, page 21) and his book “Havatzelet HaSharon,” pages 29-34. Size: 55cm, 51 lines.
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