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LOT: 011

Lot of 3 books, Benayahu first section, and Ben Yehoyada, sections two and third, with gilded covers. Jersualem, 1899-1905.

Benayahu first section, Jerusalem 1905. Ben Yehoyada, second section 1899 and third section 1900. The three books are bound together in one volume. They were written by the Gaon Rabbeinu Yosef Haim of Baghdad, known as the Ben Ish Hai, and deal with exegesis on aggadot of Chazal in the Shas. The books were written during the author’s lifetime, before he died in 1909. Separate covers for each book. Gilded letters on the cover. Printed by YadFromkin. Generally good condition. The cover of Benayahu is partially missing the top half.
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